7 Consejos para la Creación de Exhibiciones de Sobremesa

7 Tips for Creating Tabletop Exhibits

The beauty of a tabletop display is that it can be transitional...since nothing is tied down, it's very easy to change one or all items, or the positions of one or all, for a completely different look. They are a great way to display items you love. Here are some tips for creating an eye-catching tabletop display.

1. It's a good idea to start with something on the wall behind the tabletopsuch as a piece of artwork or a mirror. This can be placed centrally or, more interestingly, off center, or if preferred, the photo or mirror can also rest on the table/shelf.

2. Next.Next, place the larger elements on each side and complete the space with elements that draw the eye up and down in terms of height difference.Never line up elements in a straight row. Always stagger the pieces.

3. Elements look better when displayed in odd numbers. The brain has to work harder to assimilate elements in odd numbers so that the display holds attention longer.

4. Reign in color: stick with a limited color palette of maybe three. Perhaps choose colors in a similar shade to the table/shelf or colors that repeat from the colors found in the image.

5. Pay attention to texture: place really smooth elements such as metals or glass next to elements with texture. such as metals or glass next to items with rough texture, e.g., hand-thrown pottery or driftwood for added interest.. You canadd botanicals, whether fresh, dried or faux, to soften the whole display.

6. A lamp is essential to illuminate your beautiful display, show it off and draw attention to it when the light fades to illuminate a darker corner. One lamp may be enough on a small table, but the number can be increased for larger tables. Remember toconceal the cords as best you can. Tea lights will also work well with lamps regardless of the size of the display, as they are very pretty and will offer different levels of light.

7. Enjoy the whole creative experience and remember that nothing is fixed so you can change it in seconds if you are not completely satisfied with it.

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