Color Pantone del Año 2020: Azul Clásico 19-4052

Pantone Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue 19-4052

Pantone's color of the year is Classic Blue and as the name suggests, it is a classic and timeless color. It also has the advantage of being genderless; appealing to all.

It has great associations with wealth (think sapphire stones), royalty (think royal blue velvets) and reverence (it is often used in ceremonial robes in religious settings). However, its power doesn't stop there; it's also a color that instills confidence. This is why businessmen and marketers often choose to wear a classic tailored blue suit. Their choice of color generates a confidence equal to no other when negotiating a business deal.

In nature it is the color we associate with dusk; that time between day and night; neither too dark nor too bright; a calming time to end one phase and begin another. Pantone Classic Blue 19-4052 is that calming, sedative, elegant and confidence-boosting color.

Where to use this Classic Blue 19-4052 in the home:

An accent wall color 2.

In 2020 accent wall colors are no longer in fashion, however, the industry still uses them by calling it an "accent wall color". The difference between the two is that it is now imperative to bounce that accent wall color around the room in other accents such as throw pillows, wall art, lampshades and accessories. Classic Blue is a perfect color to use in this way, as it will draw attention around the room and highlight all your favorite spots. Artists often use this classic blue in their paintings to do exactly this.

2. Great furniture

Choose a classic blue sofa to make a confident statement in a neutral room. You'll have a wonderful play on light. The origins of Scandinavian style had a limited palette to include this blue, white and hints of yellow and was chosen for its light-reflecting qualities.

Alternatively, enhance the style of a cabinet or dresser by painting them in the classic blue to the same effect.

3. A Classic Blue Rug

A rug is often the first element to start an interior scheme with that becomes a starting point. A classic blue rug will give you the confidence you need to build around it. However, one point to keep in mind is that often a solid/smooth colored rug can often drain the energy out of a room. The smallest amount of pattern can make all the difference. Even a small white vein pattern can have a big impact. After all, pattern is to decoration as herbs and spices are to food.

4. Paint your kitchen cabinets in classic blue.

Painting your kitchen cabinets in Classic Blue will give an incredibly sophisticated feel to your kitchen. It will also be a wonderfully calm space to work in! All blues are particularly trendy for kitchens right now, but Classic Blue will be one of the easiest blues to live with. Pair it with brass hardware, i.e. door handles, light fixtures and baseboards for a timeless result.

5. Wall Art

Choosing wall art that has a predominance of Classic Blue color will instantly transport you to a sense of serenity and calmness, while adding depth and character to a scheme. This Classic Blue shade is easy to coordinate with the other colors you may have chosen to make up your entire scheme.

6. Overall Wall Color

Last but not least...choose the Classic Blue color of the year on all the walls of a room for an overall look. It will provide a fantastic backdrop to highlight the wall art. It will be a room full of intrigue, yet calm and sophisticated. A place to recharge your batteries and show off to your friends.

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