Como aumentar la sensación de espacio con superficies reflectantes

How to increase the sense of space with reflective surfaces

Add your own sparkle and see how contrasting textures enliven the space. Reflective surfaces reflect light back and reflect objects and movement. Here are some tips on how to liven up your space....

  • A reflective sheen countertop for a kitchen island. Contrast this with a matte finish countertop for the rest of the kitchen.
  • Choose a large center-hung drum shade that includes a shimmering diffuser. The reflected light will bring the entire space to life.

  • Mirrors are obvious, but their effect cannot be underestimated. They bring qualities that enhance light, movement and space.
  • Metal surfaces for lamp bases, shades, picture frames, countertops, hardware and accessories will add shine. Choose from materials such as brass, copper, chrome, nickel and even silver and gold plating - it's all the rage to mix it up for an eclectic look!
  • Glass will add a watery glow to your interiors. It doesn't invade the space, which makes it ideal for small spaces. Think door surfaces, coffee tables, lamp bases and even sculptures - be prepared to do the white glove test regularly! Nothing shows dust more than glass.

  • Glossy cabinetry anywhere in the home will catch the eye and give it a sleek modern look for a contemporary style or can be included in an eclectic style to add friction.
  • High gloss paint can add the perfect amount of definition to woodwork where a single color scheme has been selected for walls, ceilings, floors and doors. This may sound boring on paper, but when you add your furniture, lighting, botanicals and art to the scheme, it all pops!
  • French polished furniture has a wonderfully rich and luxurious sheen. Perfect for traditionally elegant rooms or for an eclectic scheme where the elements are mixed with more rustic or matte surfaces. A wonderful way to revive antique pieces.

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