¡Dame un poco de espacio!

Give me some space!

Give me some space! 9 Tips to make the most of the space in your home.

We all long for more space in our homes. There will always be new things to buy, rearrange furniture to change the look of our home or the arrival of a new family member... These are situations that we have all gone through and that we do not manage to solve easily. With dedication, we offer you some suggestions to achieve that much needed extra space.


Pay attention to the size of the furniture. You can swap high-backed seating for low-backed seating, for example, Chesterfield sofas... this not only allows your gaze to wander around the room uninterrupted, but also allows you to look outside. This helps to create a much greater sense of space.


Use a monochromatic color scheme! A single color scheme, but knowing how to combine the different shades of that color. It is also essential to use as many textures as possible, this highlights this type of scheme. To give a southern or western look to your rooms, select cool colors from the color palette, such as pale green (which is trendy right now!!!), pale blue, lavender or pink mauve. Cool colors tend to give a sense of distance, creating the illusion of more space.

For a Nordic or more "East" look, opt for soft, warm pastels: russet or skin tones and apricots (very chic at the moment), pale mustards (also trendy) or creamy greens work very well in a Nordic look. Avoid contrasting color schemes in a small space.


When it comes to floors, make them pale...light wood, large pale porcelain tiles, marble and sheet vinyl; everything in pale colors works great.

You will notice that all the floors we have mentioned are smooth surfaces, and these reflect light and make the area brighter, which will give a feeling of more space.

If a rug is required to give warmth and texture, you need to make sure that the background color (the main color of the rug) is that of the overall floor. Of course, it is possible to use accent colors in the form of a pattern on the rug. The best patterns to choose would be horizontal stripes or a trellis style pattern. Both options will give the illusion of greater width to your space.


Mirrors are a fantastic tool to use when trying to create the illusion of more space (they give a double space effect). The bigger the mirror the better!


Get rid of as much clutter as possible. If you haven't used, needed or looked at an item in the last twelve months, it's time for it to go.


Modulars take up less space than freestanding furniture and offer more storage space. You can also use furniture that gives you some hidden storage space, for example, sofas and beds with built-in drawers.


Patterns are very trendy at the moment. Especially in wallpaper. If space is limited, opt for small mini print patterns that will give you a more textured look on the walls and will be perfect for adding any decorative pictures or prints later on.


Play with lighting...place a spotlight or lamp on the floor behind an armchair placed in a corner and bounce the light onto the walls in that corner. Notice how magically the walls are pushed outward by this type of lighting.

Similarly, in a narrow hallway, install 4 or 6 spotlights. Place half of the spotlights facing one wall to bounce the light, and the other half pointing to the opposite wall and watch the hallway widen before your eyes.


Pay attention to surface finishes. Any piece of furniture with a glossy surface reflects backlight and, therefore, contributes to the feeling of space. Large, glossy decorative prints, placed on the walls, is a big trend right now.

We trust that these 9 tips will be useful for you to start generating that feeling of spaciousness in your home. Remember to check out our wide variety of decorative items and decorative plates so you can use them to make the most of the space in your new, spacious and remodeled environment.

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