Ideas para renovar la decoración este 2019

Ideas for renovating your decor this 2019

Fashions change and not only on the catwalks. Trends also vary in decoration and each season of the year is an opportunity to redecorate each personal space, giving a new air is possible and it is not a big expense for the annual budget, so we invite you to "refresh the face" of your spaces with these three simple ideas.

  1. Decorate with photos.

You don't have to buy great works of art, because photography is a great ally and even more if they are photos that you have taken yourselves or from an amateur photographer, you can achieve a more personalized and original decoration, mix different sizes and versions, in an organized way you will be able to give life to any wall.

Take a look at our collection of photographs captured by C. Santórsola, they will surely help you to create a great space.

Also if you want to give prominence to your artistic talents, you can print your own photographs, check out our custom printing services. To learn more click here

  1. Includes Decorative Prints.

They are inexpensive and you can choose any style, for this winter we definitely recommend the Nordic ones, they bring a warm touch and a certain magnetism to your spaces. The Scandinavian style, attracts by its cozy, harmonious and relaxing atmosphere. Ideal for all types of spaces, you will love it because it is simple, cozy and subtle, and with a good combination of elements always brings spaciousness and warmth providing one of the most perfect balance between aesthetics, comfort and functionality.

We leave you our selection of decorative sheets "Nordic Style" so you can see how your spaces can look like.

  1. Cushions, cushions and more cushions.

A set of cushions with different sizes and patterns are an economical solution to get a new style, dare to combine cushions with strong colors, with new forms. At Decorya, we have a wide variety of models that are sure to suit your decor and give you lots of inspiration.

This year is just beginning, and you have 4 great opportunities to reinvent the decor of your home, fill it with light, warmth, harmonic nuances that will make your space the perfect host. We promise to accompany you and provide you with the best tools so that your renovations will be a real beauty.

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