¿Qué es el color acento?

What is accent color?

Accent color generates a different touch of color, so powerful that, although the element acting as an accent can be something tiny (thread on a fabric, a fruit or a flower) it lifts, invigorates and enlivens the main colors of a color scheme. It can also be something more substantial, such as a cushion, a piece of wall art, a chair, etc.

It is possible to have more than one accent color in a scheme. For example, a popular option for accent colors, is to place a painting, photo or art on the wall, or to place cushions or lamps around the room. However, while it is visually good to have more than one accent color, be careful not to overdo it. Even a single color, if not used correctly, can look like a blot on the scheme.

To give a dramatic effect to your room, the accent colors you can use are the opposite of your main color on the color wheel. These are known as contrasting colors.

For example: red as an accent to green, yellow as an accent to blue, orange as an accent to purple. For fans of dark environments, the blue, black, gray and green schemes that are all the rage right now, just see them come alive with the addition of splashes of gold in picture and mirror frames, lamp bases, curtain poles, etc.

It's certainly letting in a ray of sunshine and encouraging those dark colors to look luxurious.

If your rooms are decorated with muted colors, that is, colors to which black or gray has been added, for example, yellow turned mustard, green turned sage green and purple turned a plum shade, they can be dazzled by being accented with black.

Similarly, pastel colors have large amounts of white added and can look fantastic when accented with white.

If there is a pattern in your color scheme, see what color stands out the least in that pattern and accent it, this will make it look fabulous.

It is very easy to play with accent colors, as they are usually items that you can easily move with. Often, they can be the least expensive items in your spaces color scheme, so enjoy experimenting!

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