La Cocina Perfecta

The Perfect Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a house, a place where we spend many hours and also very good times around food. It is the favorite place of many, where the most delicious flavors with which we receive family and friends are born.

With the decorating ideas that we share with you in Decorya you can get inspired to take advantage of the spaces and achieve a modern, warm and in tune with your personality decoration.

We will tell you how to achieve a kitchen with score 10, do not miss it.

Everything you need to know to achieve the perfect kitchen.

Kitchens are increasingly integrated into the home, and taking into account its decoration is even more important. It is the place where you not only cook, but where you share pleasant moments with family and friends, so its decoration is very important to define the style of a home and provide warmth and good taste to your favorite diners.

Make use of the minimum space.

Define your space and with what you have, organize dishes and utensils of little use in baskets that you can place on the top drawers or on the refrigerator. Inside the drawers, you can organize cutlery, knives and spoons in baskets divided by compartments of different sizes, this will undoubtedly optimize space and maintain order.

Create a pot for aromatic herbs.

This way you will have them close at hand, and at the same time they will serve as a decorative element in the kitchen. This type of wooden boxes can be purchased both in gardening and craft centers and in online stores. To personalize it, you can write a message, a phrase that inspires you, the name of each herb to better identify them or use decorative stamps.

Organize with style.

This craft, in addition to being simple, is very satisfying. Empty packages of cereals, sweets, legumes or spices into pretty glass jars and then, with the help of labels that match your decorative scheme, identify their contents. Here you can involve the whole family, the kids are sure to enjoy this activity.

And finally... the personal touch

We come to the part that gives personality and creates a special environment.

Whatever your general decorating style is, it should be reflected in the kitchen. If it's Nordic, you can include cool tones, clean white for minimalist styles and certainly wood for more rustic styles.

Include family photos on the refrigerator doors, some positive phrase in a frame would not hurt.

The kitchen is the heart of a house, a place where we spend a lot of good times and we must take care of it with care.

We hope we have helped you with these ideas to design a perfect kitchen for your home. Also, on our website you can find accessories to continue decorating this magical space.

Happy week and thanks for reading us!

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