Tu Baño Ideal

Your Ideal Bathroom

The bathroom, that special place where we look for moments of relaxation. Normally they are not too big so they should be used to the maximum, with subtle decorations and elements that promote comfort and relaxation. In Decorya, we share ideas so that your decoration is always impeccable and makes your life easier. Thanks for reading us, happy week.

Decoration basics

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in the home, so it should always be in perfect order and harmony so that it can bring us those minutes of peace that we seek so much. Today you can get a wide variety of decorative items and accessories for the bathroom, which in addition to giving a touch of design and personality, are functional and perfect for optimizing spaces. We tell you which are the most practical.

The perfect lighting

Installing light in neutral or cool tones is the most recommended for bathrooms. Today there is a wide variety of options to get the most appropriate lighting for each space, LED bulbs that can graduate their intensity to create the atmosphere you want.

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The magic of order

Even in the tidiest homes, the bathroom is often a weak point as far as organization is concerned, toiletries, cosmetics, makeup, brushes, towels ... can create a real chaos. In the bathroom, countless items and accessories accumulate, flooding the space and creating a feeling of disorder in which it is difficult to find something when we need it.

Organizing boxes are an excellent option, as are wicker baskets. Keeping order is much easier than you think and a tidy bathroom is much easier to clean.

A matter of style... Your style!

The bathroom should have its own decorative style. It can be retro, modern, rustic, etc. Anything goes, as long as you are comfortable in it, the details will help you to print your personal touch. Plants, vases with flowers, decorative glass jars, a rug at the foot of the bathtub, a collection of perfume bottles? Your personal details should always have the last word.

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