El patrón: Una herramienta maravillosa para crear un sentido de estilo

Pattern: A wonderful tool for creating a sense of style.

The use of patterns in decorations is a hot trend right now and is a great way to show your sense of individualism.

Patterns can be played with throughout the decor of your rooms, although in small rooms, use them in "small quantities", such as cushions, fringed lampshades, rugs and wall art.

Keeping the colors in play for each pattern or using complementary colors are tips I would advise to achieve an excellent ambiance. Geometric patterns, besides being contemporary, offer a crisp design tailored to the rooms. Here we show you a selection of geometric sheets that you will surely love. SEE GEOMETRIC PRINTS.

Floral patterns are very fashionable, especially large flowers in dark background colors that steal the spotlight. However, large patterns are a difficult medium to work with, as they can be tiring to the eye.


Large patterns also have a physical effect because they tend to move toward your eye, similar to warm colors. Therefore, be careful and use them only if space permits.

Pattern is also a very valuable tool for enhancing a color scheme. Interior designers often use a color pattern to tie or marry many different colors in a scheme.

Therefore, before the process of redesigning your rooms, sit down with a pencil and paper and look at all the patterns that already exist in the room. This is the best starting point for adding patterns to your spaces.

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