Un Truco Para Añadir Vida A Vuestros Espacios… ¡Las Texturas!

A Trick To Add Life To Your Spaces... Textures!

Texture is a very important element in terms of interior design. It refers to how something feels to the touch and offers an interesting third dimension to the scheme of a room.

Textures range from very rough to very smooth. Very rough textures, such as long pile carpets, rugs, brick, wool and fleece fabrics, berber pile fabrics (very fashionable these days, especially in cushions), stone and tapestries, add visual weight.

While very smooth surfaces, such as glass, metals, mirrors, highly polished porcelain tiles and high gloss paints, add a sense of lightness.

Rough textures absorb light and sound, which makes the color of an element darker. Using too many rough textures in a room makes the room feel smaller, darker and cozier. Too many rough textures in a room, however, can result in a claustrophobic feeling.

Smooth textures, on the other hand, bounce light and sound, which makes the space brighter and, therefore, larger and noisier. Using too many smooth surfaces in any room will evoke a cold and unwelcoming scheme.

Texture can have a great influence in creating a certain sense of style. Rough textures will definitely give a room a more rustic look, while smooth surfaces evoke a more contemporary modern feel.

Where possible, we advise you to achieve a balance of about 50%, however, practicality should also be taken into account. Smooth surfaces are easier to clean and maintain and are therefore used in greater proportion than rough surfaces in rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and children's playrooms.

Placing a rough texture directly next to a very smooth material will have more impact than similar textures placed side by side, and it will be that contrast that you should try to create in the pursuit of visual interest.

Texture is a magical tool to use when you have chosen a monochromatic color scheme (a single color scheme) as it adds interest and impact immediately, as seen in the photograph above.

Enjoy playing with the sensitive and delicate factor!

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