We are a young couple and in 2018 we moved into our first apartment together. That's how our journey as Decorya came about. The morning we got the keys, we looked at the blank walls and got excited about the project ahead of us to transform that apartment into our home.

We quickly realized that it was not going to be an easy task, we were looking for quality, durable and affordable products but we could not find anything that matched our tastes.

On the one hand there was an abundance of stores selling paper posters and on the other hand, there were always artists selling their work for amounts we could not afford. We didn't feel identified with the market offer, we were just starting our careers and we couldn't afford to invest a lot of money in decoration, but we didn't want to go the cheap way and end up replacing all the initial investment after a few years.

We knew, through friends and acquaintances, that there were many people in our same situation and we wanted to help them so they could have the house of their dreams, the place where they could spend time as a couple and invite friends and family... that's how Decorya was born!

You may ask... And why Decorya? Because it unites two key principles of our brand values DECORATE + NOW (in Spanish DECOR + YA), that is, DECORATE and transform your home and your life NOW. There's no more time to waste to transform your home, with your own style, without breaking the bank. 😂

Our Values

We are responsible with the environment and therefore our canvases are 100% cotton, which makes them more durable over time than paper, better resistant to sunlight and have a first class quality. We also offer the possibility for the customer to customize the canvases, which will be unique and exclusive, as they are made "a la carte" according to your specifications.

We are not just a store with decorative products, our unbeatable customer service/advice team will encourage you to make a 360º turn, accompanying you throughout the purchase process. We will enjoy this experience together.


- Free shipping worldwide.

- Guaranteed deliveries.

- Secure payments.

- 30 days for returns/refunds.

So what are you waiting for? Will you join the more than 10,000 #decolovers who have already transformed their homes and lives with Decorya?